Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A very good day

So, I woke up at 5:40 am... though I may not have fully ever slept... REM sleep was never attained, but I lost like 45 min between 4 and 5, so maybe sleep...

I had planned on waking up and exercising, so when I woke up at 5:40 I stayed up and got a really early start running, had run 2 miles and done a few other exercise things and showered by 9, was dressed and on the way to Asakusa by 10. I got money from 7/11, put some on my pasmo, got to Asakusa by like 10:30 or so.

I enjoyed the temples, I sat and meditated in the zodiac temple (my favorite, really it's called Yoyogi) for almost an hour, did the purifying thing, bought incense. I felt really great after that (I still have holy water in my travel mug, which is Pirates of the Caribbean. ^_^)

Then I walked around Asakusa market... but all of the tasty food stalls were closed and there was no good food.

I found this nice little turkish restaurant, their little caller person was out side, apparently she spoke a bit of English and she convinced me to come in, though I was pretty much sold anyways (woot Baklava).

Sat down, her and I talked, I asked if she was taking lessons, she said not really, I told her I taught and we exchanged info and now I have a new student!

I kinda started dancing to the turkish belly dancing music they had playing, which the guys who seemed to own the restaurant really liked... They gave me free turkish tea and one of them invited me to go to the Disco in Shibuya with him >.>;;. I said no thanks, but I would totally come back there after my lesson with Kei (girls name) and dance for a bit for turkish coffee ^_^
and they kinda agreed.

Then I went to the cultural exchange where they taught us a fan dance
and I could flip and spin the fans right off the bat! I was pleased. W00t for colorgard!

And now another student from the website has contacted me!

And I have a set time with my THIRD contact! Yatta!

I even worked on my Japanese mid-term a bit last night, including some translation.

I'm going places now, apparently.

I will talk to you later, TATA!

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