Sunday, June 7, 2009

The choice is yours, but choose wisely, for there could be Temple Guards lurking around every corner!

So I still haven't decided what I want to do. To stay or not to stay, that is the question....SO HELP ME DECIDE!

-good life experience
-I'm 19 and female in Japan (I wont be 19 and in Japan ever again, the female... though changeable, is unlikely)
-immersion language learning, which is the best way
-I'm making more money here teaching than I do in America
-Japan is lots of fun, there is more to do
-I will have more time to do more, considering all I want to do and the fact that it takes time to get funds to do these things the more time is good
-enjoying the cultural exchange, kabuki, shrines, pop culture

-I'm home sick and miss my family and friends (though the home sick part may pass)
-I miss being on campus
-the classes here are not as fulfilling as the ones at Washington
-I might not be able to graduate on time if I don't take classes at WAC that I need for my major/minor, I can't get those classes here
-I'm still not learning Japanese as fast as I would like to which makes me wonder if I cant find a better learning environment in the states
-the social interaction is lacking
-Taco Bell exists in America

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