Monday, March 2, 2009

The Time, it will fly.

So I decided it might be a good idea to find a world clock/map type thing. First thing I did was google it. This is what I came up with. Besides the ridiculous amount of ad's telling me I just won a new Nintendo Wii, it is very helpful, and probably the least confusing of all the other things I have found. I am going to keep this page book marked so I can refer to it when wondering just what time it is in VA and where mom is when I need to bitch to her about some little thing or tell her how great my day was.

The next thing I did was look to see if there were any downloadable apps on that would help. I found a few I thought might. One would be helpful if I bought the pay for it delux addition, which I am too cheep to do. So that one was out. Then I found another one that shows where day and night are on the map, and what time and day it is. This is a much more helpful widget. I wish though that they would let you make a list of places you wanted to know what day/time it was and you could just swap through them. I also added another world clock.

It's going to be interesting being there. Maybe I will actually be on a proper sleep schedule. It's about a ten hour difference... going backwords. When it is 10pm here it is noon there. So if it is 8 am there it will be 6 pm here... so confusing. But that is what the world clock is for. It's times like these I wish I was running linux so I could just ADD another clock to my desk top. Silly Macs... oh well.

Anyways, I might try and add that time zone link thing to my side bar later so that people can see what time it is when I am there.

I have still been trying to do the whole Visa thing. I have everything in order. It is just a matter of getting to the embassy. More difficult than you would thing.

tata for now

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