Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tea Ceremony class and what it has taught me

Tea ceremony is all about balance and looking into our self while feeling out side of our self. You must concentrate on your feelings and body, creating the best self you can. While at the same time you must use all of your senses to feel what is going on in the tea house, with the host and the other guests, as well as feel the nature that is reflected in the atmosphere of the tea house. The Tea Ceremony is all about balancing with the things around us while finding balance in our self.

The Tea Ceremony class always made me happy. It forced me to be calm, forget all my anger and problems of the day, and focus on an act as simple as making a cup of tea, or eating a sweet, or looking at a wall scroll. I always felt more relaxed in the class, and felt more centered and pleased with my self after words. It was the perfect way to relax.

It also makes you stop and look at and appreciate nature in a way that few people do in today's society. It made me happy to come in and see the flowers, and to note how they matched the beauty and grace of the caligraphy in the scroll, and how everything went together to mimic the atmosphere outside.

I hope to learn more about the tea ceremony through my own research and keep it up through practice by my self. I would like to learn how to preform the whol ceremony, and get good at it enough to clear my mind through the whole thing and simply focus on good thoughts. This is what I see as the goal of the ceremony.

I really enjoyed my tea ceremony class in Japan. It was a very powerful class for me, and taught me a lot about relaxation, as well as Japans cultural history.

Thanks to my Sensei's

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