Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chicago O'Hare, stop 1

As I write this I am chilling in the Chicago O'Hare Airport. It is a really nice airport but pretty darn big. In this one sub-terain walk through they have all of these neon lights in rainbows on the ceiling and different colored back lit on the wall. When I got off the plane from Dulles I was told to go three different place to get to where I needed to be. Finally I was corrected by a security officer who sent me in the right direction. Now I am in some unknown terminal, either 1 or 4 but I could not tell you which, with a few hours to kill. I have tried to make myself eat something but I really have no appetite after the flight. Though I wouldn't call my self ill, I am definitely not in the mood for food. I drank an Odwalla drink and tried to eat one of their health bars thinking it would be light enough on my stomach, but no go there, I got a few nibbles down and thats it. I might buy another odwalla drink to have on the flight cause I am not sure I will be able to consume any of the food they provide.

The flight over was uneventful. There was a bunch of turbulence coming over Chicago. It isn't called the windy city for nothing. I bought a convertor in one of the little junk shops that line the terminals. I figured I'd need one when I landed anyways, so why not. At least it's convenient.

I'm hoping that the flight to Japan is just as uneventful as the one to O'Hare. We are supposed to have rain. Though I suppose for most of the flight we will be so high up as to not matter. I have reading for this flight over, about 20 chapters worth, and it's not on my computer so when my computer runs out of battery I will still have that. It was odd though. My iPod didn't work on the way to Chicago. Everyone else on the flight was listening to something, but mine didn't work. I feared that putting it through the x-ray machine had killed it and was going to be very upset. But I plugged it into my computer when I got here, re-synced everything at it seems to be working fine now. I wonder what happened on the flight that made it not work. Perhaps interference? Everyone else's seemed to work. Maybe I will ask someone before I bored this time around.

I was considering spending the $6,65 to use the Airport wireless, but decided against it. Poor college student that I am. However I do think I am going to spend a dollar or two in quarters so I can call my mom. I might do that now. I have everything ready and am really just waiting for my Gate to open up and start dolling out boarding passes... which I already have. That they want you to pay for internet is ridiculous in my opinion. I hope there is FREE wifi at the dorms or even Narita... I doubt the Narita option.

I am amazed how much carry on luggage everyone brings. I just have my new backpack, but most people are carting around those little rolly bags with the handles. And not just one but like one of those and another bag. I was also surprised that I didn't have to go through another check point when I landed. I just went straight to the terminal without doing anything else. Which is almost disappointing because now I am just sitting here not doing much. But at least I have time to write these for my blog.

I changed my computer time to Chicago time. That way I can type and make sure I am not going to miss my flight. Not that I am going to loose track of time within 2 hours (probably less now). Something smells really buttery and rich and wholly unappetizing right now. Gag!

One thing that made me giggle at Dulles. In order to get from the entrance to terminal 5 or where ever I was you have to take these little "shuttle" things, which are anything but little or really shuttles. They are more like if someone put one of those giant trailers on a monster truck chase. They are ridiculously huge. When I was waiting for the one I was on to take me to where I needed to go, another one pulled in right next to us. Oh god, I wasn't worried about the plane at that point, I was worried about this thing crushing us. HUGE and SCARY. They make pretty hilarious noises too. They can book too. Like you would think something that big and high up off the ground (probably 20 feet) should be top heavy and slow, but no, they really can go. It wasn't that bad though. The ride on that was actually pretty fun.

Okay, going to the bathroom then calling mom... maybe I will buy another Odwalla or a smoothy or something light. Wish me luck if I don't update again. <3

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